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The Secret to Handling Stress

Let Me control your mind. The mind is the most restless, unruly part of mankind. Sarah Young. Jesus Calling. (I’m telling you, I love this devotional! Every day, there is … Continue reading

04.21.12 · 1 Comment

How to Soothe That Inner Turmoil

Some days I am just tense. On edge. Restless. Wound up. I have in my head a list of things to do and want to remember them all and stay … Continue reading

03.28.12 · 1 Comment

How to Keep Your Life from Going to the Dogs

The U.P.S. truck turned the corner, right on schedule for his 3:30 deliveries in our neighborhood. The driver glanced down the driveway as he passed. As usual, our Border Collie, … Continue reading

03.15.12 · Leave a comment

Why You Want to Live From the Gut

What would you do if you received a love note cut out in the shape of a liver? It wouldn’t have the same romantic effect, would it? In Hebrew, the … Continue reading

03.12.12 · 5 Comments

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Biblical counselor, budding author, and domestic engineer. I enjoy reading, studying, thinking, and writing about it all. I crave simplicity, laughter, and a cup of hot tea in the morning. Metaphor and allegory is my thing, and I enjoy using it to help myself and others understand spiritual concepts.

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