18 Inches Down

Moving Truth from the Head to the Heart


eCounseling is an innovative new way of meeting the needs of many people who cannot receive traditional counseling. Counseling and follow-up are conducted online instead of in an office, and are customizable to the preferences of the client.

Benefits of eCounseling:

Accessible – You save time, gas, and scheduling headaches when you are counseled from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office, or while you are traveling or relocating.
Affordable – your subscription fee for a month is less than the cost of one session with a traditional counselor. For less than the price of a daily Starbucks coffee, you can be changing your life for the better.
Anonymous – you can feel more comfortable, honest, and safe while discussing things privately online. You avoid the gossip mill of having counseling in the town in which you live.
Available – subscription service allows access to your counselor every day, when you need it the most. You are free to ask questions and bounce ideas off of the counselor at any time and receive quick coaching advice without having to wait for a session appointment.
Adjustable – provides counsel for those whose issues aren’t dramatic enough to warrant traditional counseling, but who need some assistance in applying spiritual wisdom to their circumstances.
Appropriate – Christ-centered counseling is hard to find. If you can even locate someone you can trust to give solid Biblical advice, often the drive is too far to do with enough regularity to benefit you.

How does it work?

• You sign up and pay the monthly subscription fee of $90.
• Each week, you spend a one-hour chat session with the counselor, discussing your issues. You then work on your homework assignments/readings/journaling.
• If you have any questions, comments, or need further discussion or advice, you message the counselor at any time of day. Communication is carried out by text message, iMessage/chat/IM, and email.
• A reply can be expected within an hour with an answer, some further conversation, or a planned follow-up if more time is needed to fully discuss an issue. Often you need someone to talk it through with now (or at least soon), not next week at your scheduled appointment!
• At the end of the month, should you need further assistance from the counselor, you can extend your subscription for another month, for as long or as short as you need.
Guaranteed: If at any point you are not satisfied, you can cancel and be refunded the amount of unused days on your monthly subscription.

Have further questions? Want to sign up and start now?

Email me and I will send you detailed signup instructions and some informational forms.

Don’t delay! Let’s start the process of bringing God’s truth 18 inches down – from your head to your heart, and applied to the circumstances of your personal life.

Anything you wanna say?

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Hi, I’m Deanne!

Biblical counselor, budding author, and domestic engineer. I enjoy reading, studying, thinking, and writing about it all. I crave simplicity, laughter, and a cup of hot tea in the morning. Metaphor and allegory is my thing, and I enjoy using it to help myself and others understand spiritual concepts.

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