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About Me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Deanne, and I am a wife and a mother of seven terrific children, from 26 down to 11 years old: four boys and three girls. My husband is the pastor of a small, sweet church fellowship, and, yes, we homeschool (though I don’t really consider myself a typical homeschooler…or a typical anything, for that matter!). I am a Florida native, and after some adventures in other states, we are living in Central Florida once more. Ahh…back home where the weather is warm!

I love to read, study, and think, and I process all these things best by writing about them. I also enjoy decluttering and organizing and am inspired by minimalism and simplicity, which for me means having only what we use and love around us. I enjoy cooking most of the time, but I have to admit, it’s not as fun when you have to do it. I really groove to color; I like strong, saturated, vibrant colors set off with crisp, pure white. They energize me.

I would invite you to visit here with a cup of coffee, but I won’t be having any; I hate the stuff. It’s tea for me, and not that cold kind: I like it hot. I am particularly fond of a good, strong Yorkshire Tea, but alternate with green tea and oolongs just to keep things interesting.

I am utterly in love with Jesus, and you will find that I can’t help but speak of Him in most of what I think and say. Although I am introverted, I find people interesting and truly enjoy helping them; I just need some time alone to recharge afterward!

I hope what you read here will change your perspective and inspire, encourage, and motivate you. And I hope you will participate and liven this place up a bit!

6 comments on “About Me

  1. J.D.

    You sound like just my kind of person! So happy you are communicating. Keep inspiring and sharing….J D

    • Deanne Bullock

      Thanks, J.D. I’ll keep writing and you keep reading and commenting.

  2. Tamara W

    Hello, Deanne! Sis told me you were up and running with your blog. Good for you! I enjoy the clean ambience and hope to check back often. I would enjoy hearing more about your counseling degree when you have time…

    • Deanne Bullock

      Hey, Tamara! Long time no see! Thanks so much for checking me out and for your comment. My counseling degree is through Grace Fellowship Int’l. Counseling Institute (correspondence courses): http://www.gficounselinginstitute.com. I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes and especially the recommended resources from them.

  3. John Woodward

    Hi Deanne, We appreciate your studies in our GFI Counseling Institute. Congratulations on your blog; I just heard about it. It’s nice to see photos and the articles that you’re sharing online. God bless your testimony, family, and ministry. :-)

    • Deanne Bullock

      Thank you, John. Glad you took the time to stop by. I am extremely grateful for my GFI studies. This blog, and my life, would not be what it is if I had not taken them. Keep up the good work!

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Hi, I’m Deanne!

Biblical counselor, budding author, and domestic engineer. I enjoy reading, studying, thinking, and writing about it all. I crave simplicity, laughter, and a cup of hot tea in the morning. Metaphor and allegory is my thing, and I enjoy using it to help myself and others understand spiritual concepts.

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