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How Tea Leaves Reveal My Oneness with Christ

I love tea. Not iced tea – there’s something not quite right about cold tea – but good, hot tea. Every morning, first thing after I get up, I brew myself a mug of hot tea and sit down to spend some time alone with God. I call it Staff Meeting.

Tea is a leaf from one particular plant. Its varieties come from how that plant is grown and processed. Whether in the mountains or the lowlands, differing climates and soils and processing methods determine the various flavors the leaf produces. Some tea leaves are picked early, some are allowed to wither or to oxidize. But true tea all comes from the same plant: camellia sinensis. Herbal tea isn’t actually tea, but a tincture of herbs infused in hot water; similar, but not the same.

We are like tea leaves. We are raised in different environments and processed in life with different methods. Some of us were picked early by the Lord. Others withered or oxidized. But each of us who has chosen to accept Christ’s Life is steeped in the hot water of Christ. And we have become the beverage tea.

When someone takes a sip of tea, is he drinking tea leaves or water? Actually, neither! He is drinking the beverage we call tea. I am no longer just a bunch of tea leaves; I am changed into something different, something from which I can never be separated. The combination of myself and Christ: tea.

You Southerners might be sweet iced tea, just so long as you keep it hot or cold, but not lukewarm (Revelation 3:15-16: I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot; I wish that you were cold or hot. So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth).

Go get ya’ a cup of tea and remember that you and Christ are inseparable; you can never lose Him! You might just need to pay Him some more attention. Savor the flavors He has built into your life.

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5 comments on “How Tea Leaves Reveal My Oneness with Christ

  1. Maria ;)

    Love this! (And it made me really thirsty…)

  2. ramona

    This Southener likes her COLD unsweet tea very much, The Word of God & His presence are sweet enough ! Just as the tea leaves are used up I want to be used up for Him !
    I am listening !!

    • Deanne Bullock

      Ooh, good example of using up the tea leaves! I also thought of the heat of some uncomfortable and troublesome situations he puts us through being the hot water that brings out more flavor in us…Christ expressed through our personality specifics.

      • ramona

        Or the cold shoulder we sometime turn to God !

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