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Openness Allows Others to See the Work of Christ

I am not fond of exercising. But I do like to go on a walk just at sundown, when the heat of the day is releasing its hold. Most people are home from work and school and errands at that time, and because the sun is just beginning to set, many of them will have the lights on indoors, but will not have shut their curtains or shades. Thus, a neighborhood walk becomes a mini home tour.

I really enjoy peeking in and noticing interesting colors people have painted their living rooms or unusual objects hanging on the walls. Sometimes you can see people in the rooms, usually watching television, but sometimes interacting with family members or cooking. I even get ideas for things I want to do in my own home from these peeks into my neighbors’.

There is a part of me, and of you, that needs to show to the world. Much of me is private, but there is a living room in my life which has large windows facing the street. The world around me is walking in partial darkness, illuminated only by the bits of Christ they encounter in others every now and again. As they pass by my house, they can see in through the windows: they look me in the eyes, they look at my smile, they look at what I speak and do.

I desire to live in such a way that when others see into my house—into my heart—they see a warm and cozy room. The lighting is just right, and the decor is colorful and friendly. The people in there are having fun and enjoying each other: sometimes they see me having a focused talk with the Lord, other times they see me enjoying my family and friends. Sometimes I am cooking or cleaning.

As they look in, they have differing reactions. Many will pass quickly by and not notice. Some will continue to think about what they see and desire it for themselves. A few will be encouraged to go create such a place in their own life. And an exceptional one may even be bold enough to knock on the door just so they can see more.

Allow the Lord to redecorate your life for your own benefit, but allow others to see the work He is doing and has done. There will be those that the Lord wants you to invite in. Allow them into your heart; there is much they can learn there from His work in you, even from incomplete projects. Others will only be viewing from the outside, but don’t shut the shades to them; allow them to see what they so rarely get to see: a Master Designer at work.

This advice is hard on an introvert like myself. Or on someone who has glaring imperfections and scars in their life. We risk being misunderstood and judged if we allow others to peek in. Our heart-home looks nothing like House Beautiful magazine! I’m not talking about showing your dirty laundry to everyone; deal with that in the washroom with Jesus. I’m talking about allowing others to see the work that Jesus is busy doing within your heart. Of sharing it and encouraging your neighbors.

We are model homes in our communities. Others need to see the kind of work a designer like Jesus can do! Open the windows of your heart, and keep them open.

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