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The Gift that Delights God

The cake had been eaten and we were gathered together in the living room. My young son handed me a card, built of construction paper and lettered with childish scrawl. Opening it up revealed a quarter, taped to the card as a gift. The tears welled up instantly. This was all he had; he didn’t receive an allowance. A true gift of love and sacrifice. And there he stood, beaming.

December rolled around a few years later, the season of Christmas wish lists and giving. I sensed the Lord asking for something from me: sugar. Sweets. I love sweets. It is the chink in my armor, the weakness which prohibits me from successfully losing weight. And God, Who wants nothing controlling us besides Himself, wanted me to give it to Him as a birthday present. So on Christmas Day 2003, I recorded in my journal the transfer of sugar in my life to His ownership.

What does God need with sugar, anyway? Even less than I need a quarter from my son! My gift of sugar is a construction paper card with a quarter taped to it. It is a sacrifice of love, a declaration that He is more important to me than the most enjoyable thing I can think of.

I did pretty well doing without sugar for a few days, then went back to my old habits. Each Christmas I was reminded of my previous gift, and reaffirmed my commitment for Him to own it, then fell back into old habits. Have you ever given a weak area to the Lord and then almost immediately used it the same way you always used to? You truly intend for Him to be the Master of all you are, all you have and do, but old habits are so hard to break!

This week, there was a knock at my heart, and it was the Lord. “I’ve come to pick up that sugar you gave me for My birthday a few years back,” He told me. “I want to hold it and make you healthy and flourishing.” So I packaged it up and gave it to Him. He intends to invest my tiny quarter and earn a rich profit for me.

I may forget again and use sweets as if they were my choice. Sometimes I use things I gifted someone else, but it is never the same as if it were my own. I can’t do whatever I want with it. I have to return it. But the act of presenting it to Him because I love Him more than anything, and remembering and returning to that decision again and again, is what delights His Daddy heart. It is my ultimate victory. It is about the relationship, not the perfect behavior.

Here’s my quarter, Abba. I love You more than ANYthing!

And I love YOU more than anything, My Bride. Your gift delights Me. Thank you.

One comment on “The Gift that Delights God

  1. delancydina

    Awesome and inspiring!

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