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What is Your Purpose in Life?

“What is your purpose in life?” our Sunday School teacher asked the class. My mind flitted about, hunting for the precise answer. I recently posted about the ultimate purpose for everything in the universe, but this question was specific to me personally. What is my purpose? I thought of the seven children I am raising, of my counseling degree, of the book and this blog that I am writing.

Then a friend spoke up from across the room, “I think my purpose is to love and be loved.” That was IT! The Lord spelled it out more specifically for me later when I was journaling, but, boiled down to its Reader’s Digest Condensed form, this is exactly what my purpose in life is! It combines John Piper’s quoted purpose from my previous blog entry: “So that the glory of Christ could be put on display where He bought the rebellious bride at the cost of His life”, with my part in the plan.

I am to love and be loved. The second part is the foundation. I am loved. He planned it all out so that He could demonstrate that intense love by dying for me. And every day, as I spend time in His presence and talk over life issues with Him, He reassures me again of His love and care and concern for me. He patiently and tenderly draws me back when I get distracted. He speaks words of encouragement, and even correction, with a kindness that makes me want to obey. He blesses me with physical blessings; I live like royalty compared to the rest of the world!

Found these on the Lake one particularly frustrating day and the Lord told me He had sent them just for ME! Who can resist this kind of love?!?

Because I am loved, I can rest securely. I’ve screwed up enough times for Him to see how bad I am on my own, but He remains faithful. He doesn’t give up on me. He woos me back and reassures me that nothing has changed. He still loves me as intensely as before.

And now I can love. I can pass that love – which is really just His love – from deep inside my spirit where He dwells, through my personality and talents, and out to others. I can love my children, no matter how busy or exhausted I am or how they might behave. I can counsel others and channel His love and wisdom out to hurting individuals. I can write and tell anyone who will listen about the awesomeness of my Beloved! When I wake up, I can begin to watch for who He will bring along for me to love that day. I am to love and be loved.

To love and be loved. How does He express it through you? You may not have family, counseling, and writing as expressions of love. What are yours? What gifts has He given through which you can express love?

Who do You want to love through me today, Lord? Here am I, send me.

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One comment on “What is Your Purpose in Life?

  1. Ramona

    TO LOVE and BE LOVED – What expression of Christ’s Love does he express through me ? How IS he using me, IS he using me ? How do I show others Christs love ?

    As I dug and weeded in my garden I pondered this and your words. Pulling the weeds in my garden was like pulling the weeds of doubt in my mind. Doubt that I was using or sharing God’s love.

    The garden produces vegetables and I share them with others. I have a car and use it to drive others where they need to go ! These are two simple easy ways I Love. There are others, sometimes not so simple or easy, an ear to listen, a heart to feel, compassion, a mind to choose right from wrong, laughter, a desire to be his and share him. I do not do these things on my own, I do them because HE made me this way and has given me opportunities to share what he has given me. TO LOVE !

    When I was in the business world very often it was mentioned I needed to be more forceful, more aggressive, harder hearted. I apologized often that I could not do or be what they wanted, yet they pushed me to be those things if I wanted to be successful. I wasn’t very successful in their eyes ! I believe God had a better idea. Maybe HE used me to change their attitudes to show them that HE was in charge. I will probably never know how much or if I left behind LOVE, but I know God LOVED me and took me out of that world (I was hurt and sad – now I see HE new better) HE LOVED ME !

    The fact that HE has given me a garden ( and the time to work it), a car ( that sometimes seems to run on empty), an ear to listen ( when I shut my mouth), a heart to feel (every emotion), compassion (that makes me cry at the most embarrassing times), a mind to choose right from wrong ( I work on that every waking hour – and sometimes in my sleep), laughter ( an expression of joy), a desire to be HIS and share HIM ( 24/7). Most important is my salvation through Christ ! I AM LOVED

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