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The Ultimate Intention for the Universe

“God’s ultimate purpose for the universe, and all of history, and your life, is to display the glory of God’s grace in its highest expression as the Son of God dies to make a rebellious people His bride. Everything exists so that that can happen, and everything exists to highlight that and make much of that, especially you. God’s ultimate purpose in creating the world and choosing to let it become this sin-wrecked world that it is, is so that the glory of Christ could be put on display where He bought the rebellious bride at the cost of His life.” John Piper

You did all that for ME! You are focused on me (me as a part of the Bride of Christ, that is).

I love me a good romantic chick flick, but this tops them all! That God is so much love at His core that He created and arranged a situation where He could express that love. And it’s so obvious – when I bother to stop and look! You can see true love in sacrificing – dying – for your beloved, like no other story I’ve ever heard.

Who wouldn’t want to return love to someone who treats you this way? I think if we can just stop and look at this truth, and re-set our gaze on it after distractions divert our attention, our lives will be lived in a much different way.

“We have a curse on human nature called triviality. The big problem with television and movies are not sex and violence. It’s banality. It’s living every day as though TV mattered. It doesn’t matter at all! It’s here today and gone tomorrow. Eternity and the things that are unseen matter. I would just like to see 6,000 souls rise into the significance of what matters in the world.” John Piper

I don’t know about you, but…guilty as charged here. Because I don’t live with this clarity of life purpose set before me, I get distracted and think things like who wins American Idol are important. Or what color to paint a room. Or whether it will rain today; the grass sure looks dry.

Oh, Jesus, You gave so much for me…Your very life! I know you understand that we have to function in this world, You lived here and You know: you have to make a living, care for your family, keep up a home, take care of your body. But You did it and showed me how to keep focused on the ultimate plan.

I want to live with this clarity, this focus. I want to cast aside all distractions and walk out Your purpose as expressed the way You made me to express it. I want to teach it to my children and Your church, to anyone who reads the words I write. I want to remind Your Bride of Your love for Her.

I want to give You my life – each and every day. It’s the least I can do because of what You did for me in giving Yours. Your wish is my command. I am, literally, eternally grateful. Thank You. I love You.

Keep this in the forefront of my mind each day, Holy Spirit. Re-remind me when I am distracted. Because this is what I truly want. This is my heart cry.

* A book I use to refocus on His purpose and cast off self-centeredness is The Ultimate Intention by DeVern Fromke. I believe that, excepting the Bible, this is one of the most important books a Christian could ever read.

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Biblical counselor, budding author, and domestic engineer. I enjoy reading, studying, thinking, and writing about it all. I crave simplicity, laughter, and a cup of hot tea in the morning. Metaphor and allegory is my thing, and I enjoy using it to help myself and others understand spiritual concepts.

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