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Be Right Here, Right Now

“To find joy in this day, you must live within its boundaries.” Sarah Young, from her fantastic devotional (and I don’t normally like devotionals!)  Jesus Calling

 I so often live in the past, reviewing things that I did — or failed to do — and kicking myself around for the way I wish I had responded. Or I look longingly at “the good old days” when things were simpler or more pleasurable.

Sometimes, instead, I look at the future and the looming clouds of what seems to be coming soon. Or I look longingly at where I think I am headed and wish I was already there: if only things were this way…

But I am here. Today. Right now. I can’t change the past. I can’t control the future. So I choose to re-set my attention on the here and now and recognize it for what it is: the present. A gift to me.

Thank You, Abba. It fits perfectly!

“I’m wiping off the table. It strikes me: I am not here. My mind’s lunging ahead, already dashing onto the next and the next and the next, tripping over this and that and falling all over the future that isn’t.

I profane this moment when I won’t stay in it.

I desecrate now when I dismiss it in my push for the next. There are snowflakes sticking to the glass of the window. Right there at the table’s edge I can see them clustering together, piling, melding on the pane. I almost missed it.

I miss living this moment because my head’s already moved into the next moment — the one that isn’t even here yet — and when I am not in this moment but trying to shove into a moment that doesn’t even exist — I miss out on living at all. I may bodily be in this space but I am not even alive.

Could I be walking through the years but not even be alive? …

Be all here: and be holy.

Be all here: and be happy.

Because the Presence of I AM always fills the present moment.” Ann Voskamp

* If you haven’t already read Ann’s book, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, go pick up a copy right here, right now! A definite must-read!

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2 comments on “Be Right Here, Right Now

  1. Marie Henry

    So good! Thank God for you and your inspiration to us all through Him.

  2. delancydina

    Live today now….not tomorrow! =)

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