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He Ruined My Life

I happened upon a series of videos about the book of Hosea, which got me thinking about him. I know the story. I have read the book Hosea in the Bible. I also read Francine Rivers’ Redeeming Love, which is a retelling of the concept in fictional form. I understand the basic idea of Hosea and Gomer’s relationship paralleling the relationship of God with His people.

But God called Hosea to do something dreadful. He asked him to marry a prostitute, and He knew she would be unfaithful to Him. And when they later had children, God had them named depressing names to further prophesy about His people. Why would God ruin these people’s lives?

And what about the prophet Jeremiah? He was called and, like Moses, not particularly excited about the career. But he accepted, maybe because the message was burning inside him and had to be expressed. And what did God have in store for Jeremiah? He was attacked by his own brothers, beaten and put into the stocks by a priest and false prophet, imprisoned by the king, threatened with death, thrown into a cistern by Judah’s officials, and opposed by a false prophet.

What about Abraham sacrificing Isaac? Kill my own child?! Or Sarah having a baby at age 100? Even if I wanted a baby very badly, being given one when I was 100 years old would be so exhausting!

No one in American Christianity would go for this now. Maybe that’s why we don’t have prophets like we used to. Maybe that’s why we don’t have Christians like we used to. I can’t imagine God asking me to do something which would “ruin” my life in this way, just so He could make a point. Would I even do it?

But God does ask me to do impossible things. Fortunately, they aren’t as unimaginable as the above examples. But they are things which I think would “ruin” my life. I have a plan, the American Dream even, and who is God to cut in on my plan and ask me to do things differently? I am so selfish; my life is not about me, it’s about Him! He gave it to me, I gave it back to Him, and He gets to make those decisions.

Like I have told Him, and likely Jeremiah and Hosea did as well, my answer to Him is always yes. If I know He asked me to do something, I will do it. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that it’s not as hard as these things. Or maybe they just make it easier to do my “hard” things; they pale in comparison to the prophets’.

Watch this series of videos (six in all). God’s unfailing love for me brings tears to my eyes. This is Him, in hipster dress, pursuing His unfaithful spouse. Makes me OK with having my life “ruined”. I want to return that love. It’s all about You, Ishi. Thank You. I love You.

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One comment on “He Ruined My Life

  1. KSHF

    I have been thinking about this very thing…we tend to aviod situations that may bring us some harm or struggle. When really, this is the very thing that will show us in the most real way His love for us. Trials are joy (James 1) and how can we be called to a living hope (1 Peter 1) without suffering to prove His strength in weakness (2 Corinthians 12)? Now doing the work to put yourself out there and believing His truth about pain is truly that…WORK…

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