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How to Soothe That Inner Turmoil

Some days I am just tense. On edge. Restless. Wound up.

  • I have in my head a list of things to do and want to remember them all and stay focused so that I can finish quickly.
  • Someone is pushing me to do something and I haven’t decided if it’s the right thing for me.
  • I know I should be working on a project, but I just can’t seem to figure out where to start.
  • Something in my life is out of control and looming hopeless over me like a dark cloud. Sometimes many things.

Each time we drive to the city, we pass by a Messianic Jewish synagogue. Over the door is mounted a sign which reads shalom. Shalom (shuh-lome) is a Hebrew word which is used like the Hawaiian aloha as a hello and as a goodbye. It means peace.

But it also means to be complete, perfect, and full. To be whole, healthy, safe, and at rest. To be fully paid and at harmony. If we could buy shalom, it would be in high demand. Who doesn’t need some of that?!

But I am a Christian, so I already possess all the shalom I need: Holy Spirit dwelling within my own spirit. There isn’t any more to be had besides Him, and I am a container of Him. I just need to learn to withdraw from that account.

I imagine shalom as a sparkling silver glitter version of Pepto Bismol. Only instead of taking a dose by swallowing it, I open up the trapdoor of my spirit and allow it to ooze up and out, volcano lava style.

I acknowledge that I cannot handle the things which are disturbing me, the things I have to make decisions and take action on. I set them at the feet of God and take my hands off of them. I choose to relax internally. He is God, after all. He can handle them. I declare these truths out loud so that I can have a dose by hearing the truth from the outside as well.

And the silver shalom coats my mind, my emotions. It flows on and coats the inside of my head, my arms and legs, and my guts. I can sense it as a relaxation in spite of the stressors. I feel that peace and it is His peace. His peace and His presence soothing me.

Suddenly, the light from within my spirit—Holy Spirit Himself—begins to shine from deep within. Light begins reflecting off the tiny pieces of glitter suspended in the silver goo. As I allow Him to shine from within, light is reflected in my mind and my personality and all over my body.

What is stressing you out today? Surrender the whole situation to God and allow Him to handle it in any way He chooses. Set it at His feet and look away from it and toward Him instead. Choose to open the trapdoor and allow His shalom to flow out and cover you.

  • He has prepared the way for you. Left supplies along the way to be discovered just when you need them most.
  • He will guide and direct you. Point out the next step for you.
  • He will watch over and protect you as you go. Nothing will happen to you unless He allows it; you are invincible until it’s your time. You have nothing to fear.
  • He will bring your best out of every situation. He is what you can hope in. He is Who you can trust.

Have a dose of sparkling shalom. It coats, soothes, relieves.

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One comment on “How to Soothe That Inner Turmoil

  1. ramona

    SHALOM !

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